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Iris HouseUpdate Agency (Username and password required)

address 2348 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, New York, NY 10030

phone 646-548-0100 (main number)

options Services Provided: The DEBI "SIHLE," The DEBI "WILLOW," The DEBI "d-up," HIV Testing, HCV & STI Testing, Nutrition, Vocational Services,

options Primarily Serves Women.

  • debis

    they provide:

    • d-up
    • SiHLE
    • WILLOW
  • service

    The Services
    they provide:

    • DEBIS
    • HCV and STI Testing
    • HIV and STI Educational & Support Groups
    • HIV Testing
    • Nutrition
    • Vocational Services
  • population

    The Populations
    they serve:

    • Families
    • HIV at Risk Individuals
    • HIV Positive Individuals
    • LGBTQ
    • Women Only
    • Youth