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How to Benefit from Interagency and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Welcome to Project ICI!
  We encourage you to use Project ICI’s agency directory search engine to find the information you need to collaborate with other agencies, to refer and recruit clients to Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) and to access other services. You may search our agency directory by DEBI, by services provided, by populations served and by borough (you may also search multiple categories at once).

Interagency collaboration opens the door to limitless possibilities for you as service providers, and to the clients you serve. By collaborating with your colleagues you are sharing information and pooling resources, which can be beneficial in countless ways. For example, by collaborating on a grant application, you can both become more attractive to funders. You can also partner with other agencies to fill gaps in services your agency does not have, collaborating to provide more streamlined programs for your population. Additionally, collaboration allows you to make mutual referrals, recruiting the clients you are best able to serve and referring those who could benefit from services provided elsewhere. This can be especially useful for HIV service providers referring clients to EBP’s. Also, receiving referrals from other agencies can ensure the success and retention of your programs too!