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Join BOOM!Health and VOCAL for a Rally to End AIDS in New York

Don’t forget to be on the steps of City Hall this Thursday, (10/9) at 12PM! Join BOOM!Health and leaders from the HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ and homeless youth communities for the launch of a statewide campaign for expanded access to housing, food and transportation for low-income people living with HIV. Together we can save thousands of lives and move toward our shared vision of ending the AIDS epidemic in New York State by 2020.

What: Rally and campaign kick-off to expand housing, food and transportation benefits to all low-income NYers living with HIV
Where: Steps of City Hall
When: Thursday, Oct. 9th, 12PM (noon). (arrive at 11:30AM to get through security)
Travel: 4,5,6J,M,Z trains to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall; 2,3 trains to Park Place; R,W trains to City Hall
Who: ​Allied elected officials, leaders from the HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ and homeless youth movements, and people directly impacted

There is a growing consensus across New York State that there is an urgent need to expand lifesaving rental assistance, nutrition and transportation benefits to all poor New Yorkers living with HIV.

Denying access to these benefits to individuals because they do not meet a 1980’s AIDS Institute definition of AIDS or “clinical/symptomatic HIV infection” is out of step with current HIV treatment guidance and counter productive to our shared goal to end AIDS for every community. This policy disproportionately affects homeless LGBT youth.

This consensus has grown into the first campaign in a decade to actually expand access to life-sustaining pubic benefits, rather then simply fighting to preserve a small part of the social safety-net.

The science is way ahead of our community. It has been proven time and time again, in study after study, that investments in housing assistance, food, transportation and other basic subsistence benefits are an essential and cost-effective component of any successful HIV prevention and care strategy.

With the historic announcement by the NYS Governor to End AIDS in NYS, we have the vehicle we need to win this campaign. Now all we need is to stand together!

For more information, please contact jason@vocal-ny.org or call 917-200-1153.